Traffic Plan is committed to deliver accurate data and customized solutions, in accordance to the situation in the field.

Since 2013, we have constantly grown our expertise of car and pedestrian traffic monitoring solutions, city mobility, noise mapping and city air pollution monitoring. We have started with accidentology studies across Romania, when we proposed innovative solutions such as laser fascicle at pedestrian crossings and additional lighting actionable by physical presence sensors.

In time, we have developed a comprehensive range of services:

  • Video processing
  • Pedestrian monitoring
  • Traffic simulators
  • Noise mapping
  • Parking Monitoring

Our fields of applications can be classified in four big categories:

  • Road & Bridges Engineering
  • Civil & Industrial Engineering
  • Municipality works
  • Building projects

Currently we are using complex software for our specialized studies such as: AIMSUN, VISSIM, LimA and HORIBA. All thesse cutting-edge tools help us deliver our projects faster and with higher accuracy.

For more information on our workflow, experience and referrals, feel free to contact us.