Using powerful software tools, Traffic Plan is able to analyze current traffic and model future mobility scenarios.


As a revolution in technology, economics, and behavior reshapes how we move across the built environment, Aimsun software helps thousands of international users model tomorrow’s smart mobility networks, today. Aimsun is a leading international provider of software and services for traffic planning, simulation and prediction. Acquired by Siemens in 2018, Aimsun now counts on their support to continue building on over 20 years of experience in algorithms, software and operational know-how for mobility applications.


PTV Vissim is a microscopic multi-modal traffic flow simulation software package developed by PTV Planung Transport Verkehr AG in Karlsruhe, Germany. PTV Vissim is proven to be the world’s standard for traffic and transport planning because it gives you a realistic and detailed overview about the status quo of the traffic flow and impacts, with the possibilities to define multiple what-if scenarios.


LimA Software Suite is the complete solution for all environmental noise projects. Noise predictions for industry, roads, railways, aircraft and wind turbines are all supported. The software is used by acoustic consultants, environmental authorities, heavy industries and educational institutes.


HORIBA’s Ambient Air Pollution analyzers feature advanced technology, field-proven reliability with excellent sensitivity & precision at ppb level, and hassle free maintenance. Each ambient monitor differs in operating principle and can measure single/multiple components in ambient air or diluted stack gas.