The consulting process and the system installation process follow specific steps with Traffic Plan team of engineers.

Traffic Plan comes with a six steps process flow that makes it easier for any beneficiary to understand where we are during the project. For some engineering teams it is rather a very known flow, for other it may be something completely new.

In order to achieve a seamless cooperation and string partnership, Traffic Plan engineers want to make sure that each step is understood by the parties involved.

  1. Identification of the area that will be subject to study;
  2. Mounting the radar and video camera systems;
  3. Downloading the data from all systems;
  4. Data calibration and interpretation;
  5. Presenting solutions and alternatives to the beneficiary;
  6. Conclusions and documentation handover.

Should you have a city mobility project, a new commercial center development, a residential project development or an intense road traffic issue, let us know and we will provide the adequate solution. Let’s talk!