Traffic Plan engineers use the most powerful traffic simulation and modelling software available on the market. Since technology has revolutionized our behavior and mobility across landscapes and the world, we truly believe that mastering the features of the best available traffic software on the market differentiate our solutions and models.

At Traffic Plan we are proud to be official licensed partner of AIMSUN and PTV VISSIM.

AIMSUN – an integrated traffic modelling software, used by most government agencies, municipalities, universities and consultants for traffic engineering, traffic simulation, traffic planning and emergency evacuation studies. We use it to provide macro-meso-micro level traffic analysis and hybrid representations in order to improve road networks, reduce emissions, cut congestion and design urban environments for vehicles and pedestrians.

PTV VISSIM – it is recognized as one of the world’s most advanced and flexible traffic simulation software with which our team of engineers can simulate complex vehicle interactions realistically on a microscopic level, can model demand, supply, and behavior in detail, is able to simulate new forms of mobility, and we can support integration with other traffic planning tool.

Should you be interested in building a better traffic model for your city, industrial site, airport or wider region contact our engineers and we will make an assessment of your context.