The graphic representation of sound level distribution and the propagation of sound waves on a given are is known as noise mapping. Noise pollution diagnosis can help cities and industrial sites to effectively build a noise management and acoustical plan.

Traffic Plan team uses one of the most powerful softwares available on the market Predictor – LimA to design noise maps in compliance with the European Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC) and the IPPC Directive (2008/1/EC).

In order to prevent noise pollution, to create a comfortable and healthy environment, we analyze existing noise  and build different reduction scenarios. The ace in the sleeve is the unique macros that support automation of geometrical processing to more easily and quickly make acoustic models.

Based on the high computing speed of the Predictor – LimA we can process massive volumes of survey data in no-time and deliver complex noise reports.

Should you need a noise diagnosis, a noise map, a noise reduction scenario or a noise report, please contact our team of engineers at Traffic Plan.