Traffic Plan video processing services are designed to monitor and detect traffic volumes assisted by last generation of radar devices and CCTV devices, awarded with international certifications and tested to generate optimal management strategies for urban traffic regulation.

In most cities, traffic operations are extremely sensitive operations that need adequate surveillance devices, top-notch recording system, robust video data storage and smart processing operators.

Relevant traffic volumes and time occupancy information will then be used to control the interaction and order of movement from different approaches.

Video sensors capture a huge amount of data and are critical for smart traffic applications. At Traffic Plan we enjoy using state-of-the-art video processing technologies for their fast response, easy installation, smooth operation and maintenance, plus their capability to cover wide areas.

Video processing is setting the foundation for intelligent traffic management solutions and smart traffic applications.

For more information on how you can grasp the advantages of video processing in traffic monitoring and control, contact us our team of engineers.