Cluj – Napoca | Residential Complex Development

Beneficiary: Hexagon Cluj

Traffic Plan was contracted to elaborate the traffic studies in order to obtain the authorizations for building the residential complex in Cluj-Napoca. We are happy to have successfully delivered the project and to to see how the actual buildings were taking shape, waiting for future house owners.

Bucharest | Enlargement of Progresului Boulevard

Beneficiary:  Municipality of Bucharest

Traffic Plan was contracted to  enlarge the old version of Progresului Boulevard in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, from 16 meters up to 27 meters. It was one of the most challenging  projects, due to its traffic and high density area. We are happy to have been part of this complex project.

Baia Mare | Hypermarket Construction

Beneficiary: Avocado Development Ltd.

Traffic Plan was in charge of all traffic studies at town planning level (in Romania called PUZ) in order to correctly route the access to the future hipermarket area. We are happy for a successful delivery and future collaboration.