In order to keep our cities and roads run smoothly, Traffic Plan brings forth a complex traffic tools and solutions ecosystem able to monitor, gather real-time data and provide the base for traffic forecast.

Since we have been closely working with road engineers, civil engineers, municipalities and general contractors, we have cumulated an important set of data and performance insights that allows us to engineer customizable traffic solutions.

Traffic tools and solutions are widely used across Europe and worldwide, in large urban areas or in developed rural landscapes as an enabler of smart traffic. They help the public and road administration to:

  • prevent congestion at crossroads, on city belts, on the main roads and bridges
  • achieve a better fluidity in the city and its metropolitan area
  • reach a higher road security for all traffic participants: pedestrians, drivers and bikers
  • and to outline noise and emission maps in order to provide a healthier environment

In order to grasp the capabilities of the traffic tools and solutions ecosystem provided by Traffic Plan, it is essential to understand each service on its own. Currently we are bringing you solid expertise in the following service range:

  • Video processing
  • Pedestrian monitoring
  • Traffic simulators
  • Noise mapping
  • Parking Monitoring

In order to benefit the most of our experience and traffic planning approach you are welcome to contact us directly and tell us more about your specific traffic needs.