Integrative Complex Traffic Solutions For Urban Mobility

At Traffic Plan we combine a sound technology base with field know-how and experience. Our team of engineers are motivated by delivering purposeful services, aiming to help essentially urban areas to grow as healthy and comfortable living environments. Urban mobility plays an essential role in this and traffic is the key driver, helping people commute from one neighborhood to another, from one functional city area to another.

In current times, there is a big need to orchestrate all the tools, equipment and systems that are able to facilitate a smooth traffic across the city. In other words the time is now for integrative complex traffic solutions.

The main concern of municipalities and state authorities is to minimize road congestion and increase road safety. For this rich, real-time data and powerful computer-aided technologies are now available, nevertheless there are few companies who actively use them.

Traffic Plan is here to deliver adequate response and foresee potential scenarios. We have organized our solution set in three essential categories: traffic fluidity optimization, video processing and traffic monitoring.

Each city may require a different solution, however the technology base and the steps to achieve it will be largely the same.

Traffic Fluidity

For implementing a traffic fluidity solution it will be the case to analyze the traffic with CCTV technologies.  The precision of these technologies is around 98%, which give us quite an excellent base for modelling potential scenarios, that will be discussed with the appropriate municipality departments.

Video Processing

Expert video processing implies the use of CCTV technologies and mobile radars, to gather  traffic data that will be sent to the server. The expert team will then process this data and deliver the beneficiary a full report and interpretation. A key aspect of these data is to be able to integrate the with other software and tools in order to make relevant town planning,

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring is the first step for any proper traffic planning in urban regions. Sometimes it will be needed to monitor crossroads, neighborhood traffic or broader metropolitan areas, The key idea is that the traffic monitoring plan should answer your particular needs and should be done with an expert.

Integration Of Traffic Solution

For rapid developing  urban areas, the truth is that often it is imperative to integrate all traffic solutions in order to achieve fluidity and safe traffic for all participants: cars, pedestrians and bikes. Traffic Plan has delivered complex studies and projects on this topic, and is ready to work with you on the best traffic solution for your city.